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Indecision Highway

Yay, I was hoping to find an iPhone app for lj!!!

Marcos is on his way here. Nate has opening day for little league on Saturday and tomorrow I am meeting with a new Dermatologist... Busy busy

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Sorry about the tweets - they weren't mine. I changed usernames and totally forgot about lj.

So a little update. More and more sites are blocked by work so I am actually working.. heh.

Chad and I are currently waiting on his company to give an answer on if they accept the terms we put forth to move to Casa Grande, AZ. I didn't want to considering we thought we would be here until at least 2012 but if our demands are met - it would be a good situation. We'll see. We both think the salary we asked for was too high. The bottom line though... we need to somehow make up a little bit of my salary. Going from two pretty good salaries down to one is hard and we don't want to accept something that is not going to be doable for us.

So we wait.

On the health front - I'm working really really really hard on losing weight. I eat right, I exercise and then BAM! Everything stops. I get really bad allergies, my hair is suddenly thinning even though its been over a year since Edison was born, and my skin is getting worse. What gives? I got some bloodwork done and luckily I am not diabetic, but unluckily - the endo thinks it is Hypothyroidism. I have to repeat the blookwork at the end of April but in the meantime, I keep exercising, increase my oily fish consumption and deal with the sore throat and dry hair. ugh.

I thought the sore throat would go away considering I don't have any more allergy symptoms but now I'm thinking it has to do with my thyroid. Such a pain in the neck... heh. I am not surprised though... Annie had nodules that ended up causing her to get her thyroid removed and my mom had hyperthyroidism (graves disease) and both happened when each of them was 29-30.

And one last thing... if they come back and say no to the move to AZ... I will be sad. I'll deal with it, but I will be sad. I've worked myself up to wanting it... ugh.
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  • 16:28 Pancake breakfast, Bunnings!, weep killing with Judah, grass food!! I'm so into having a garden and grass!! #
  • 16:29 Or weed! Not weep!!! #
  • 16:42 A moment I will never forget..... Sitting with malaqai in icu for his 1st bday. Voli starts singing over him & Kai lifted up his whole arm! #
  • 16:43 Ahh the power of worship! #
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  • 01:15 On our way to cold play!! Ah parramatta road! I just want to be there #
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