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Indecision Highway
Seriously it feels like someone came in and kicked me in the stomach but left me a slice of cake to eat before they left.

The bank has agreed to a short sale of our house for $35,000. $35K. That. Is. It.

I'm happy and pissed all at the same time.

I keep telling myself at least its not a foreclosure. At least the bank will stop trying to get me to pay them what's left of our dismal savings (looking up though, looking up).

My credit report will be tarnished a bit. But it is not a foreclosure.

My goal. Save $100,000 for a down payment on a house in Nashville, TN when and if Chad's job takes us there. Between his bonus checks and earning capacity we should be able to do that in a few-five years. I just need to control my spending.
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I've always been a frugal shopper but now its time to get serious.

What are some of your favorite cheap meals? Not looking for junk but I'll pair a good cheesy quesadilla with a salad if I have to. Ha ha.
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I am displeased. A high-speed rail project from Los Angeles to Las Vegas
makes sense - but it was left out of the plan. I hope Richard Branson
decides his Virgin Rail company needs to invest in this anyways -
without the government. Although I'm sure the land will be a huge issue
given that most of that land is owned by the government. Ugh.

How nice would it have been to get on a train in LA or Orange County,
have a tiny stop in Barstow or Victorville - then sit back all the way
to Las Vegas? Think of all the cars not getting piled up in traffic in
the middle of the 115 degree weather, the town of Baker would probably
crumble and Primm would hurt... but there will still be folks wanting to
drive their cars to Vegas.

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I honestly don't know where he gets his antics from!

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